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money back guarantee

We back all of our credit profile improvement products with a full money back guarantee.

1. When you follow the Budget Program, we guarantee that you will achieve

700 credit score by the end of 8 months

2. When you follow our Mortgage Express program, you will be able to 

CREDIT QUALIFY to get a mortgage in 90 days or less

3. Credit boost will propel a person from no credit to a score of 700 or better in 

the span of 8 months or less. It CAN happen in as fast as 90 days

This guarantee is valid as long as you follow ALL of the recommendations of our 

credit counselor and do not do anything to negatively affect your credit during 

the credit profile enhancement process. Things that will make this guarantee 

invalid include but are not limited to paying creditors late, filing bankruptcy

allowing property to be repossessed, allowing property to be foreclosed on, and 

requesting new credit during the enhancement process. All these things 

negatively impact your credit score. Do not do it if you are serious about 

rebuilding your credit profile. We are professionals and we know what we are 

doing. Follow us and we will take you to the promise land of excellent credit. We 

are proud and excited to help you get there